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本文摘要:话题十一 历史与地理高频单词·Group 1·1. abundant adj. 大量的, 丰盛的, 丰裕的2. ambassador n. 大使3. bay n. 海湾4. border n. 边(沿);界限, 国界5. capital n. 首都6. condition n. 条件, 状况7. consist vi. 由……组成8. continent n. 大陆, 大洲9. country n. 国家;农村, 乡下 countryside n. 乡下, 农村10. de


话题十一 历史与地理高频单词·Group 1·1. abundant adj. 大量的, 丰盛的, 丰裕的2. ambassador n. 大使3. bay n. 海湾4. border n. 边(沿);界限, 国界5. capital n. 首都6. condition n. 条件, 状况7. consist vi. 由……组成8. continent n. 大陆, 大洲9. country n. 国家;农村, 乡下 countryside n. 乡下, 农村10. desert n. 沙漠 vt. 舍弃; 遗弃·Group 2·1. deserve v. (不用于举行时态)应得, 应受2. differ vi. 相异, 有区别 difference n. 差别3. dinosaur n. 恐龙4. disappear vi. 消失5. disaster n. 灾难;祸殃6. discover vt. 发现 discovery n. 发现7. distance n. 距离8. disturb vt. 扰乱;打扰 disturbing adj. 令人不安的, 引起恐慌的9. divide vt. 分, 划分10. frontier n. 疆域, 国界;前沿, 前线·Group 3·1. exploit vt. 开采, 开发, 使用, 聚敛2. explore v. 探险 explorer n. 探险者3. framework n. (修建物)框架, 结构4. geography n. 地理5. history n. 历史6. immigration n. 移居7. independence n. 独立 independent adj. 独立的, 有主见的8. landmark n. 地标性修建9. locate vt. 位于10. measure v. 量·Group 4·1. memorial n. 纪念碑2. memory n. 回忆, 影象 memorize v. 影象3. mineral n. 矿物质, 矿物4. mountainous adj. 多山的5. origin n. 起源, 由来6. period n. 时期, 时代7. position n. 位置8. primitive adj. 原始的, 远古的9. pyramid n. 金字塔10. reflect v. 反映, 反射·Group 5·1. remain vi. 剩下;保持, 仍是2. remote adj. 偏远的, 偏僻的3. ruin v. (使)破坏;(使) 扑灭 n. (复) 废墟;遗迹4. slavery n. 仆从制度5. stable adj. 稳固的, 牢靠的6. unfortunate adj. 不幸的unfortunately adv. 不幸地7. widespread adj. 漫衍广的, 普遍的8. witness n. 眼见者 v. 为……作证9. world-famous adj. 世界闻名的10. worldwide adj. 广泛全球的, 世界规模的高频短语·Group 1·1. be surrounded by/with. . .    被……围绕着/困绕着2. be located in. . . 坐落在……3. be rich in 富含……4. be made up of由……组成5. be famous/well-known for以……闻名6. be known as作为……而着名7. be separated from与……分散8. behind the times落在时代后面9. date from (date back to)追溯到;始于10. have a population of有……人口 ·Group 2·1. have/cover an area of. . . square kilometers/meters占地面积为……平方千米/米2. have a history of有……的历史3. in the course of在……期间, 在……历程中4. in the name of以……的名义5. in the early 1920s在20世纪20年月初6. in the long run从久远来看, 最后7. lie in位于;在于8. natural resources自然资源9. settle down定居10. take on a new look出现新面目写作佳句1. I feel proud of knowing your interest in Chinese history.知道你对中国历史感兴趣, 我感应自豪。2. The Yeti is said to be a large, hairy animal that walks on two feet like a human being.听说雪人是体形很大多毛的动物, 像人一样直立行走。3. We can know more about the life of great people as well as history and cultures of other countries. 我们能够相识更多伟人的生活以及其他国家的历史和文化。

4. Firstly, I’d like to tell you something about the weather in my city, which is often windy and very cold in winter.首先, 我想给你们先容一下我的都会的天气, 通常多风而且冬天很是严寒。5. However, I think that you will quickly adjust to them although the weather and the food are different from yours. 可是, 我认为你会很快适应, 只管天气与食物都与你们的差别。6. In autumn, it’s neither too hot nor too cold.秋天, 既不太热又不太冷。

7. Qianmen Street, with a history of 600 years, is 800 meters in length, along which there are more than 300 shops.前门大街有600年的历史, 800米长, 沿街有300多家店肆。8. Canada, which is the second largest country in the world, covers an area of 9. 97 million square kilometers.加拿大, 世界第二大国, 占地面积为997万平方千米。

9. Race has always been a hot button in this country’s history.种族一直是这个国家历史上争论不休的一个热点。10. Confucius is considered as the greatest of the ancient Chinese sages.孔子被认为是古代中国最伟大的圣人。11. The village, located on the East Sea, has a history of more than 300 years and a population of 200, 000. 这个乡村坐落在东海之滨, 有着300多年的历史, 20万人口。

12. Our lab building is in the centre of the school. There is a beautiful garden in front of it and our classroom building is right behind it. 我们的实验楼在学校中心。在它的前面有一座漂亮的花园。我们的教学楼就在它的后边。

13. China lies in the east of Asia and on the west coast of the Pacific Ocean.中国位于亚洲东部, 太平洋的西岸。14. Britain, with an area of 244. 1 thousand km2 and a population of over65, 000, 000, is located in the northwest of the European Continent, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. 英国占地24. 41万平方千米, 人口凌驾6 500万, 位于欧洲大陆西北部, 被大西洋困绕。

15. There are quite a lot of places of interest in Xi’an, such as the Terracotta Warriors and Horses, the old City Wall and so on. 西安有许多胜景奇迹, 好比戎马俑、古城墙等。16. Its capital city London also serves as one of the major international financial centers in the world.它的首都伦敦也是世界上主要的国际金融中心之一。17. Ancient China was one of the earliest centers of human civilization. 古代中国是人类文明最早的中心之一。

18. Its total land area is 16, 808 square kilometers, among which the mountain areas account for 52%.它的总占地面积为16 808平方千米, 其中山区占52%。19. Beijing is a city where the old cultural traditions and the modern civilization are well combined.北京是一个古老的文化传统和现代文明完美融合的都会。20. In ancient times, China got through about 20 dynasties, such as Xia Dynasty, Shang Dynasty and so on.在古代, 中国履历了夏、商等约20个朝代。

写作规范假定你是李华, 你校英文报“外国文化”栏目拟刊登先容美国节日民俗和中学生生活的漫笔。请给美国朋侪彼得写信约稿, 要点如下:1. 栏目先容;2. 稿件内容;3. 稿件长度:约400词;4. 交稿日期:6月28日前。注意:1. 词数80左右;2. 可以适当增加细节, 以使行文连贯。

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________【参考范文】Dear Peter,I’d like to ask you to write an article for our school’s English newspaper.The “Foreign Cultures” section in our newspaper is very popular among us students. It carries articles written by foreign friends about the cultures of their home countries. Would you please write something about the culture in your part of the United States? And we would especially welcome articles about how Americans spend their holidays and festivals, and the life of American high school students. You can write anything relevant so long as it’s interesting and informative. 400 words would be fine. Could we have your article before June 28?I’m looking forward to hearing from you.Yours,Li Hua。